Yoga Wine & Wellness

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Join us for an all levels yoga class and a complimentary glass of goodness to discuss better health and nutrition for 2019! Class is at 5:35 followed by wine and wellness with Holly Liguore & Shannon Prestopine

Prop Your Inversions with Maryellen Braverso

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In this two hour workshop, guide your body into inversions through the support of props. Learn how to apply specific prop variations in downward-facing dog, headstand, forearm balance, and shoulderstand. Experience all the highs of inverting with the help of straps, blocks, layered blankets, chair, and the wall. Prep your body, flip with props, and end in deep restorative rest.   About ME Maryellen …

Reviving your Lower Back and Hips: Practices for Pain-Free Stability and Freedom of Movement

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The connective tissues in our lower back and hips play a critical role in our posture. If they are balanced, they absorb the shocks of our daily lives. Unbalanced, they can cause pain and postural holding patterns that extend through the neck and shoulders. Students will release the lumbar spine, sacrum and hips through a combination of long holds and …

Kundalini Spring Chakra Cleanse with Kendell Romanelli

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Spring has sprung and the warming energy of the earth is awakening the beauty of rebirth. This means time for a Spring cleaning! This workshop combines the powerful energy of Kundalini yoga with invigorating Sun Salutations to open, cleanse and balance the seven energy centers known as the chakras. The transition from winter to spring is challenging. Cleansing and balancing …