Sound Bath Experience with Maria & Calvin fom Sonic Power Yoga

February 14th @ 3:30pm


A Sound Bath is a deep meditative experience where you will relax by lying on your mat and just receive the sound that is played around you. The low frequency sound and vibrations of our gongs, crystal singing bowls, pyramids, flutes and other instruments take you on an inward healing journey, awakening every cell in your body. Each person feels and experiences the sound in their own way. This experience will induce a deep state of relaxation and shift you into a higher level of awareness. You will leave feeling relaxed, peaceful and more “intune” with who you are.

Benefits of Sound Therapy:

•    Increases Energy Levels
•    Provides Deep Relaxation
•    Relieves Stress and Muscle Tension
•    Reduces Physical Pain and Inflammation
•    Alleviates Depression and Anxiety
•    Calms Emotions
•    Improves Mental Clarity
•    Quiets Mind Chatter
•    Expands Consciousness
•    Enhances Health & Vitality
•    Increases Immune Function
•    Balances Brain Hemispheres
•    Awakens Intuitive Abilities
• Sound vibrational therapy will help you
transform physically, emotionally, mentally
and spiritually