Pilates Mixed Equipment Classes

Classical Pilates – A mind-body movement system to strengthen your powerhouse, create balance in the body and improve posture, focus and memory. Classical Pilates is a structured workout that requires progressive learning and mastery. It aids in preventing injury and helps with functional day-to-day living, improving the overall quality of daily life. We strongly recommend an initial consultation for your first Pilates class to acclimate to the equipment and have an introduction to the practice. We will then place you in the best possible group for your ability.

BeginnersAppropriate for new students that have completed their introductory consultation.

Mixed EquipmentA class that will blend chair, tower, reformer, mat, barrels, and props for a challenging class. (Some experience needed).

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Private Training sessions and Groups are available. Call for pricing.

Infinity Flow Studio Cancellation Policy

Our time is our commodity

We require a very generous 4 hours notice if you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment. We have a limited number of machines and openings per class. It is vital that we keep them filled with our clients. Please be considerate of our time and provide us notice of a cancellation within 4 hours of that class. We do understand emergencies happen and unavoidable circumstances will be taken into consideration. If ample notice is not received the account will be charged for the missed session. If your account has credits those will be deducted accordingly.