From Here to Savasana…

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From Here to Savasana…

Local writer and yoga student introduces the energy of Infinity Flow

By: Leanna Litrenta

The truth about yoga is that it inspires. It sets fire to your inner strength, your personal growth, your limitless passions. When your creative juices begin to flow and your body feels an invigorated calmness – this, my friends, is no coincidence. Yoga is meditation in action – two practices connecting as one. This practice unites the senses and provides numerous benefits to physical health and emotional well-being. One added bonus is yoga’s call to kindness. From world peace to inner peace – its power is colossal and contagious.

Since opening its doors in 2014, Infinity Flow has exploded with an assortment of class offerings – from yoga, pilates and barre to UGI ball, mixed martial arts, and a multitude of special trainings and workshops. As a complement to its range of yoga practices, the studio also offers meditation, reikki, and essential oil and massage therapies.

Since inception, owner Shannon Prestopine has been delivering on her mission to provide a welcoming, non-judgmental environment to even the most novice yogi. The studio is a revitalizing space celebrated by all of its clients, instructors, and supporters as a distinctive gem in our community.

Since my experience at Infinity Flow has yielded countless personal benefits, I would like to welcome you to this Blog and share with you a special medley of this studio’s rewarding characteristics. My hope is that you, too, can feel inspired to explore with curiosity, and build a practice that energizes and prioritizes your wellness goals.

That said – let’s begin with my top five inspirational components of life at Infinity Flow.

  1. Broad Spectrum and Uniqueness. Infinity Flow defines its yoga practice as Baptiste-inspired. Decades ago, father and son duo Walt and Baron Baptiste created a yoga practice centered on fluid, detoxifying poses; meditation; and self-transformation. Add the element of heat – and heated power yoga was born. But Infinity’s offerings neither start nor end there. Beginner’s Yoga, Yin Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Zen Flow, Kundalini Yoga, Yoga with Weights, and yoga blended with other disciplines are among the many opportunities that Infinity brings to students. You may find your niche in the restful, supportive practice of Restorative Yoga… or you may feel empowered by the tribal movement of Buti Yoga. The choice is yours – and there are many.
  1. Pilates and Body Transformation. Infinity speaks to a wide-ranging audience. Whether you’re looking for exercise and flexibility, or recovering from a physical injury, this studio has something to strengthen your powerhouse. A Pilates practice emphasizes the body’s core through a low-impact system of endurance movements. But don’t let the Pilates Reformer intimidate you. This machine will become the vehicle through which you can improve postural alignment and open your body to the fundamental strength and free-flowing energy that it needs. The studio’s Pilates instructors have been trained by masters of this discipline. But what’s most impressive is that each instructor here operates as a forever learner. The instructors embrace being both student and teacher of this craft – a philosophy that motivates them to propel you to maximum potential.
  1. Guided practice. Infinity Flow’s instructors are watchful, attentive and understanding. You can expect hands-on adjustments, mindful observations, and reassuring smiles. These highly trained experts will consider your fitness level and provide custom consultation so that you can feel comfortable in your quest for healthy movement. Instructors assist you in modifying and redefining postures and techniques to accommodate your body’s structure, advancements, or limitations. You can expect to meet a spirited team of professionals whose collective goal is to provide you with a safe practice, in a safe place.
  1. Positive Affirmations. These are perhaps the best-kept secret solutions to achieving self-love. Let’s take a look at some of the gratitude and spirit mantras that you may hear during your hour-long practice at Infinity Flow. I have found these messages to resonate beyond time spent in the studio. As you digest these affirmations, I would encourage you to consider using them as reinforcement for the mind, reading material for the soul. 
  • I am healthy; I am loved; I am surrounded by love.
  • I release all that is no longer serving me.
  • May I spread kindness, joy, and positive vibes.
  • My energy creates a healthy mind, a peaceful soul, and room in my heart to accept life’s challenges.
  1. Life-changing interactions. The folks at Infinity Flow spread kind-heartedness the way velvety, smooth cream cheese gets slathered on a bagel. Your interactions at Infinity Flow will be life-changing, because your exposure to thoughtfulness and your path to higher self are illuminated there; the vibe is infectious. Shannon and her team share a common vision of inspiring students to open, to blossom, and to grow.

Throughout this Blog, we will dissect the studio’s diverse offerings as well as the ways in which yoga, Pilates, barre and other practices build strength and connections – physically and mentally. You will read testimonials from students whose stories tell the tale of transformation. These men and women will illustrate, first-hand, the power of the practice. You will also hear from instructors, friends, guests, and fellow community members as we delve deeper into the studio’s impact on our neighborhood.

So… surrender your shoes, your judgments, and yourself to this beautiful place, and allow the Infinity Flow family to welcome you to a world of strength, balance, and coordination. Take a deep Ujjayi (ooh-JAH-yee) breath, and savor its vibrant sound. The family that builds character and confidence together – stays together.

Let Infinity Flow improve your health and overall state of mind. It’s the only way we can know better, do better, and become better.

Leanna Litrenta is a local freelance writer with roots in community journalism. For nearly 20 years, Leanna has provided team leadership and legal support to top-ranked, global firms. In her spare time, Leanna practices yoga and meditation, and enjoys fundraising for local schools and charities. Leanna holds a degree in journalism from Penn State University; paralegal certificate from Duquesne; and certificate in High-Performance Leadership from Cornell. She values local, small businesses like Infinity Flow, and knows that extraordinary things can happen when a community unites in positivity and purpose.

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