Here to Infinity: What the World Needs Now

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Here to Infinity: What the World Needs Now

By: Leanna Litrenta

When Shannon Prestopine opened the doors of her east-end New Castle studio in 2014, she had a vision of bringing peace, unity, and wellness to the Lawrence County community.

Through offerings like Pilates, yoga, barre, meditation, guest workshops, and yoga teacher training, Shannon launched a total package in the space that we would come to know as Infinity Flow.

In doing so, she introduced the community to unique ways of approaching change and transformation, and to the value of being present in a society that always seems to be moving in an overwhelming direction.

Much like the locust tree, Infinity Flow has raised the posture in our community and stands as a symbol of beauty, tolerance, and resilience.

No small thing

Six years and one global pandemic later, Infinity Flow perseveres, but not without struggle. During these ups and downs of COVID-19, Shannon has provided online, outdoor, private, and semi-private classes, and has opened and closed her studio multiple times—whenever necessary to protect clients and the public at large, and according to state and local guidelines.

Today, Shannon remains open for business—socially distanced and properly sanitized—but faces the threat of closure like many other studios both large and small across her industry due to the lack of sufficient funds during COVID to help her once-thriving small business.

With a small business in a relatively small community, Shannon’s goals are as big as they come for delivering an essential human experience: strong leadership; a safe, affirming space; and a beautiful practice that promotes deep breathing, flexibility, controlled movement, and stress relief.

Rebecca Tanner of Neshannock Township believes that Shannon’s passion for teaching shows through her ability to connect with each and every client.

“She is patient, caring, has an undeniable energy, and is dedicated to providing superior classes at Infinity Flow,” Rebecca said.

In the wake of COVID and the uncertainty that precedes and follows it, Infinity Flow is ultimately a school for all seasons. Without it, we would lose the soulful synergy that our community needs, just when it is needed the most.

Dusty Mancino, a Shenango Township resident, is another Infinity Flow faithful who enjoys the good health benefits of yoga and looks forward to spending time in the studio.

“My chest is heavy most days during this time—it’s like I forgot how to breathe,” Dusty said. “I feel aligned and sleep better with class.”

Not just for some, but for everyone..

Let’s face it, what the world needs now is exactly what Shannon Prestopine already offers: a place of healing and restoration, mindful adaptability, and mind/body connection.

“I feel like we as a community and world truly need more of what yoga offers—now more than ever,” Shannon confirmed.

In addition to traditional classes, Shannon has offered donation-based yoga classes and pay-what-you-can park yoga during the past six years as a way to pay the kindness forward. This fall, she will also teach yoga at the Hoyt Art Center and BC3 at Lawrence Crossing.

This is the authentic power of yoga at work in our local community. And Dusty couldn’t agree more.

“Shannon lives her practice,” Dusty affirms. “She has a giving heart and has the ability to connect with anyone. She is the bright light the world needs more of.”

So, please join the Infinity Flow family. Meet Shannon—with her welcoming vibe, generous heart, and comforting spirit.

You can bring your mat to practice, or Shannon can bring the practice online to you! Even in a virtual environment, you can experience the rewards that yoga, meditation, and Pilates offer if you are willing to create space in your heart and your living room.

Kelly Abraham-Lagnese, certified yoga instructor and New Castle resident, believes that familiarity and security are vital right now with such instability in the world.

“Variations of the practice and setting are important,” she said. “Many people satisfy these needs by interacting with their yoga community in their shared studio space.”

Asanas and accessibility

Explore Shannon’s distinctive range of classes for all ages and fitness levels:

  • Get grounded with Sunset Yoga or weekly “Pop-Up” sessions at Pearson Park for a vibrant outdoor experience designed to foster the practice and make it accessible to anyone in the community.
  • Get deep down to the powerhouse with Pilates reformer and join Shannon for a full classical Pilates experience to achieve better posture, decompress the spine, and reinforce the overall ability to move with greater ease in everyday activities.
  • Get present and unify your mind, body, and breath with Candlelight Meditation and Vinyasa Flow.
  • Get relaxed and rejuvenated with the meditative experience of Restorative Yoga supported by props and intended for any body type and skill level.
  • Get stronger and longer with Yoga for Runners—a practice that incorporates myofascial release into yoga and stretching, which is perfect for runners but welcomes anyone looking for a full body self-massage experience that aids in injury prevention.
  • Get pampered during pregnancy, and celebrate the body with Prenatal Yoga.

Shannon encourages clients to support themselves in these unusual times with these fundamentally healthy practices and embrace the journey toward optimal well-being.

In turn, that journey can help to sustain local, small business owners like Shannon who work hard to support the overall mental, physical, and social health of individuals and the collective community.

Infinity Flow is located at 1429 New Butler Road, and

Hope to see you on the mat!

Until then—wishing peace, love, and perpetual sunshine.



Leanna Litrenta is a freelance writer with roots in community journalism. She practices yoga and meditation, and is a community service advocate. Leanna holds a degree in journalism from The Pennsylvania State University. She values local, small businesses like Infinity Flow, and knows that extraordinary things can happen when a community unites in positivity and purpose.

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